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I Want to Know How to Use My Gun

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I am one of those types of people who always said I will never have a gun in my home. Well, times change, and so do opinions. When I held that opinion, people were not breaking into homes and killing people at the rate they are today. I have a wife and three children, and I am going to do all I can to protect them. I wanted to educate myself first though since I had never owned a gun before. It did not take long before I saw the AR shotgun controversy, which I delved even deeper into because I wanted the right answers.

I had already planned on taking part in a gun course, and I wanted my wife and children to do it with me. I wanted all of us to understand everything about the gun that we have in our house as well as how to shoot it if someone would break in. I just did not know which gun to get. I found a site that really helped me make the right decision. Most of the sites I had looked at were touting the shotgun as the weapon of choice, but the reasons were scary for me.

It was mainly because a person does not have to be a great shot for it to be effective. One site even said you could probably shoot with your eyes closed and not miss your target. That was just terrifying. I wanted to have my eyes wide open, and i wanted the best accuracy. I’d imagine that a lot of people don’t get a second chance in a scenario like this, so I wanted my first shot to count. I also like the fact that the AR can hold a lot more shells than the typical shotgun. We all feel much safer in having one in our house, and it is a huge relief knowing we all know how to use it too.

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